21 November 2017


Over the past weekend, me and Soph took a little trip away to the beach. Brighton beach to be precise. We both work in visual merchandising and it comes with a lot of stress and pressure at times. Im sure I'm not the only one. Something I often forget to do is take time off for me and actually take some holiday off work. I usually take my weekends off as a time to relax but we all know a weekend is never long enough. 

Brighton is a place that we visited back in March and absolutely loved and since then have wanted to go back. We decided to go for a long weekend, Friday to Sunday to relax and get a little christmas shopping done. And we certainly did just that. 

We were lucky enough to stay in the cutest flat on the planet which we found via Air Bnb. I have never used Air Bnb before but had heard a lot of good things about it so thought we'd give it a go. Firstly it was cheaper than a hotel and secondly it was a 10 min walk away from the town centre and a 2 minute walk from the beach. It was a gorgeous little flat which allowed us to chill out, relax and shop till we drop. 

I had the best time in Brighton and really did get the rest that I needed. It was also incredibly refreshing to go somewhere new and also breathe the sea air. Something I have missed since moving back home after being in bournemouth for 3 years. I also took it upon myself to work at my photography a little bit. I have re discovered my camera which I used to use during my photography A Level and its encouraged me to get back on that photography game so the photos in this post are all photos I have taken...apart from the ones of me...and I'm pretty chuffed with them. 

You'll be seeing more photography posts in the future. I forgot how much I loved it. Where will I be travelling next? thats the question. Better get booking!

20 November 2017


I dont know about you but knitted jumpers just have me heart eyed all the time. I am so easily sucked in by a knitted jumper. I literally cannot help myself. Every year I end up buying so much knitwear and most of the time wear them to death. Which is good right? You wanna be getting your monies worth out of it. 

I have posted an array of different knitwear pieces over on my blog and believe me, you'll continue to see more. I just can't help myself.

One of my all time fave places to by knitwear is H&M. They do simple knitwear so well and sell a range of different priced knitwear. From super simple cheaper knits to cashmere knits which I am always drawn to but can never bring myself to fork out the money on. You can't really go wrong with a simple knit which will last you through the winter. This one right here is a H&M knit which I have been lusting after and couldn't find anywhere. The reason why I so badly needed it in my life is because it cost the grand total of £17.99. First of all that is an insane price of a decent piece of knitwear and secondly the quality of this knitted jumper is insane. It looks more high end than high street and that is a winner if you ask me. Its got the most gorgeous balloon style sleeves and a lovely structured high neck which sits so beautifully when its worn. I cannot wait to get more wear out of this one!

Whilst we're on the topic of knitwear...my other favourite place to buy knitwear is Zara. Now I know sometimes Zara can be a little hit and miss with the quality of their pieces but their knitwear never lets me down.  I have a couple of jumpers from Zara which have lasted me a year almost 2 years. They are so good at the oversized jumper and I am the biggest sucker for an oversized jumper. I cannot get enough. I have a gorgeous chenille brown knit jumper from Zara and its the snuggliest thing on the planet. I love all thing cosy. 

I have gone very simple with the styling for this outfit. This jumper is just a dream so I couldn't let anything out shine it. I have teamed the jumper with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans which are the perfect addition to a knitted jumper if you ask me. Ive also added my leather jacket to add a little bit of warmth....not that I need it with this chunky knitted jumper. I have gone all things matchy matchy with my boots. They're the perfect boot for this outfit. These are a pair I bought from Zara years ago and I still adore them so much. They give a nice alternative from a black boot. I have finished off the look with my cute little studded bag from Topshop. 

We all know how much knitwear is needed this season and its of course old everywhere. If you're a little stumped on where to find good knitwear or your wanted to add to your knitwear collection, I would recommend checking out Zara and H&M as they really do have some fabulous knits in. If they are a bit over your budget, Primark have a great selection which again look more expensive than they actually are. Remember you don't need to spend a fortune, you just need to find a few pieces that you know you'll wear and will get you through the season.

See you soon with another post!

18 November 2017


I am usually someone who always has ideas for new posts and really get excited to post them for you lovely lot but recently I have come down with a case of writers block and BOY is it starting to annoy me. 

Something I always have is a list of posts I could write for those days where Im like ahhhhhhh I have nothing to post and I wanna post. But for some reason, they just aren't cutting it for me. Maybe its because I feel un inspired or maybe Its because I feel like I haven't found my spot in the blogging world? I really don't know. I post every other day on my blog. Some may think thats quite a lot but I feel like in order to get myself out there and allow you lovely readers to get to know me, I need to post a lot. I want to post a lot. As you know every other post I do is an outfit. Outfit posts are the main reason why I started blogging...for me its all about sharing the thing I love to do most and thats putting an outfit together. Every morning I wake up looking forward to what outfit I'm going to wear next and being able to share that on my blog for people to enjoy is so exciting for me. I don't post outfits for every post purely because I feel like it would be too much or perhaps I would run out of outfit ideas. I probably wouldn't as I am a shopaholic so there is always new bits and bobs appearing in my wardrobe. 

These posts in between are where I am starting to struggle...are those posts boring? do people want to read that kinda post on my blog? Im not sure. I always find that my outfit posts do better but then the odd different post will do really well so I'm in a right old sticky situation. I feel like this could possibly just be a bad patch as I haven't felt very inspired with life in general so maybe everything is just struggling a bit. Writers block is a funny thing because I can so easily write about something I love and then when I'm not as passionate about something I'm like oh god what on earth do I write for this. It's like its forced. I wont post a blog post if I'm not fully happy with it or if I think its forced because then I'm only posting it purely because thats the schedule I have set myself. I have often had times where I haven't posted in a week but I am determined to make my blog more of my day to day life rather than a project on the side. I adore writing about my outfits and I love sharing them with the internet. I am a creative and always have been so when it comes to thinking of ideas I can be a little bit slower, you have to test things out before you know they work for you. I have definitely done this with my Instagram and with topical blog posts. The more I write about this and the more I think about it, I feel like I am just a bit lost at the moment with changes happening at work and worrying if I'll have time for my blog and for myself more importantly has just sent me into this sluggish slump which I haven't been able to get out of. 

I decided months ago that I would do Blogmas, I really enjoyed it last year and I am so incredibly excited to do it again this year. Im not gunna lie these posts before blogmas are all a little random as all my focus at the moment is going into planning blooms and what I want to post for you. My writers block has not disappeared when it comes to all things christmassy so I will 100% be back to normal when we hit the first of December so please hang on until then and I will try and keep my posts for the run up to blogmas as exciting as I can. 

As your reading this I will be in Brighton for a little city break with my bestie which is the break I very much need. Hopefully it will bring I am Charlotte Olivia back to her motivated determined self and ready for the next few months. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post of thoughts and if you've got any advice for me, please help a girl out because then I am ready for the next time writers block hits me!