21 September 2017


I am so unbelievably excited about the fact that we are nearing coat season or I guess we have reached coat season...in my books at least. I have always been someone who believes in investing in winter pieces such as boots, knitwear and in this case a coat. This year the high street stores are flooded with on trend coats and honestly its been hard to resist buying all of them. I know I'm bias because I work there but Topshop have some BEAUT coats in at the moment. 

The Aviator coat has got to be something I have had my eye on for years. I have always wanted to own an Acne aviator coat...they are literally heaven in a coat and if I was rich i'd have about 10. The high street have quite literally gone ham on the Aviator coat trend and you can buy them EVERYWHERE. Pretty much every retailer has brought out a black aviator coat. So don't worry about not getting your hands on one this year. If you can't find it in one shop, it will be in another. 

This ABSOLUTE HEAVEN OF A COAT is a purchase I made at the end of summer...probably mid august. I saw it on the Zara website and just knew I had to have it. Typically it was already out of stock when I went to buy it so I had it saved onto my book marks and checked back every day until I managed to get my hands on it and boy am I chuffed that its now in my life. Theres 2 downsides to this coat...firstly the faux fur malts on pretty much everything...so thats a pain and secondly this coat is £90 which I know it A LOT of money. But like I said before I like to invest in these kind of pieces and I'm so in love with it thats its just so worth it. 

Since I am SO in love with this coat, I thought I would show you a way to wear during this slightly warmer weather that we're having which hasn't quite hit cold enough for a coat, layers, hat, scarf and gloves. 

A big trend for this Autumn Winter is floral dresses layered with winter pieces. I LOVE a good old floral dress especially as usually you can get wear out of them all year round. This beauty of a dress is a little number that I picked up from Topshop. I love a slip dress as they're super sexy but can easily be given a casual vibe. As its slightly warmer, I have layered the dress with this simple white t shirt but as it gets colder, a long sleeve top or lightweight knit would bring you into the cooler months. 

I have added a belt to showcase my waist and bring the outfit together a little. Usually I wouldn't wear a belt but I just felt like it brought the outfit to life and shows off my tiny little body. Theres nothing worse than looking like your drawing in fabric...am I right? 

For this look I am wearing tights...mainly because my legs are hairy...maybe a little bit too much information but hey ho....but also because for me it is a little too cold for bare legs. Especially when you start work super early and have to expose your body to the cool morning air...nothing worse than being cold on the way to work.

Another trend that is hitting the high street this autumn winter is faux fur and I am definitely keen to jump on the bandwagon. It also means I can get more wear out of this adorable black fluffy bag which I got last year. Im all about adding a bit of texture and interest to a outfit. 

The final touch to todays look is a pair of black boots. Now we all know that boots are something that  are ALWAYS on trend at this time of year and again a piece to invest in. These are a pair from Topshop and I am loving the sass they give. There are so many different types of boots out there which I am dying to get my hands on. These give more of a glam dressy look but a pair of flat chelsea boots or even a pair of converse would work equally as well. 

Who doesn't love an oversized coat and girly dress? I certainly do. There will be a lot more winter girliness coming to my blog over the coming months and I'm SO EXCITED to share my winter outfits. like so excited. you are not ready!

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16 September 2017


Autumn is upon us and so is layering season. Theres two types of layering....they layering to keep you warm and the fashionable kinda layering. Today I am talking about the fashionable kind. Im not going to lie, I am super excited for Autumn and winter. All I want to do is get my knitted jumpers out but we haven't hit that kind of cold yet. For now...Im working with layering summer pieces to create a warmer outfit but still looking on trend. 

A trend that has come back around...in my wardrobe anyways....is layering of the cami. I have a range of different cami tops and dresses which always get neglected at this time of year BUT pop a t shirt underneath and you're good to go. 

This lacy cami is possibly the best lace cami I have ever found. I actually wore it out the other night and it gave a little bit of a sexy vibe to my outfit. I have popped it over a simple round neck t shirt which instantly takes away the sexy side and gives it more of a casual ready to go vibe. Still has a sexy touch which I like.

I have teamed my little lace cami combo with this pair of distressed mom jeans which gives an edgy vibe to the look. We all know how much I love to give a little edge to an outfit. Its girly meets grunge I guess and I'm totally loving it. 

I have teamed the look with this AMAZING borg denim jacket from Topshop. This came into store last week and I just had to have it. I have been wanting a black denim jacket for ages and just as I was thinking of buying myself one...this wintery version appeared in store and well it was just meant to be. I love everything about it. The fur on the collar and around the hem, the little zip details, the ring detail, the fact its black, oh and that is goes with EVERYTHING. I think its been my best end of summer purchase so far anyways. 

Its a super casual look which Im falling back in love with since the weather has got a little cooler recently. Also have you noticed how my all black wardrobe is making a comeback? yeah thats what the cold weather does to me and I'm actually really excited about it. 

There will me more transitioning outfit posts coming your way other the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled. 

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13 September 2017


Finding the perfect phone case has got to be one of the hardest things ever. All I ever want is an instagramable phone case which is a little different from the norm. Well I think I may have possibly found a solution for you. I was contacted by Case Station Uk and the asked me if I wanted to create my own phone case. Being someone who is obsessed with their phone... I was instantly intrigued to find out a little more about what Case Station is as a brand and what they provide. 

Finding affordable good quality phone cases can be so hard....I mean I have been through a good few over the years. From experience, I have to admit that the eBay ones really do not last as long as the phone cases you spend a little bit more money on. I could be completely wrong here and just not looking at the right place on eBay but from my experience I have had better luck from spending a few extra pennies. 

Case Station is a 'global brand with a British heart that dares you to be different' and focuses on mobile phone cases as you probably already guessed. One of their main selling points if you will is the 'create your own' section which was something that I wasn't really sure what to expect. Theres a lot of customisation phone case websites out there and was a little bit sceptical as to whether it would just be like all the others and not really give much freedom in terms of customisation. 

Lets just say I had SO much fun designing this phone case and was very very very very pleasantly surprised by what Case Station has to offer. I am not being paid to say anything about this brand... I got to do this on a gift basis but OH MY GOD do you need to go and check this website out and have a go at their customisation section.  

First of all they provide personalised phone cases for Apple, Google, Samsung, Hauwei and LG as well as personalised Apple watch straps, tablets and speakers. There is definitely the opportunity for everyone to create their own master piece. So if you're one of those who don't have a Iphone because even though everyone and their mum has an Iphone...there is always someone who doesn't, don't you worry...you can join in the fun too. 

1 - Choose your Phone case 

Case Station provide a range of different phone case styles. There are 6 different styles for an Iphone 7 and I went for a snap case. I personally find snap on cases to be the best for me. I also like the way they look.  You can then choose whether the case is gloss or matte which I LOVE because I am a sucker for a matte finish. 

2 -  Layout

So this seems a little weird because why would you need a lay out but you can choose to have a grid effect on your phone case and have multiple pictures or photos. I chose to go for one photo/image

3 - Customisation time

This is where all the fun begins. You can easily upload your own photo or image at this point...It could literally be anything you want but then I spied the 'our art' section and this is where my LOVE for Case Station has come from. 

Case Station have the biggest selection of prints, art, background... literally all sorts for you to create your dream phone case. Honestly there are so many prints...I really struggled to choose one. The best bit is....A LOT of the prints are so Pinterest and Instagramable. Like you know those ones you see on Tumblr but you have no idea where on earth you would find something like that. Case Station have all sorts of Tumblr vibes going on. Something you can do which I didn't was the idea of layering different prints...maybe having one above the other at an angle....does that even make sense? Maybe you need to go and have a play around to see what I mean.

The final part of the customisation is adding text. Now you don't have to add text at all but I love the idea of having something personalised and it being yours SO I went ahead with the text idea. I was originally going to have Charlotte Olivia across the middle but it wasn't working for me so I settled for my initials... in my favourite colour and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. 

First of all the print I chose looks exactly like the image online so its exactly what I designed which I can't express how happy that makes me. Second of all...the packaging has all sorts of Apple vibes, its very clean, crisp and sleek. Im loving it. Makes your phone case feel lux and I'm all about that. 

Im in love with everything about this phone case and you just need to go and design one for yourself. My case itself costs £20 which I honestly don't think is too bad considering what I got sent through in the post is exactly what I designed. Also the quality of the case is crazy....its definitely £20 worth of phone case. I am in love. Have I said that enough?

If you would like to create your own Case Station phone case... head over to uk.casestation.com

Honestly It wont let you down! 

Please let me know if you do create your own... I would love to see what you create, I had so much fun! I hope you do too!